Fusion VIDEO


Our Fusion Slideshows are really something special.  They bring to life your wedding images with short moving video footage clips from throughout your wedding day.  The short video clips are captured by your photographer together with wedding images throughout your day, and then edited to create a slideshow set to music.  The fusion slideshows are typically about 8 minutes long depending on the length of your wedding photography package and number of photographers on your day.

If you are looking for the addition of video footage of your ceremony and speeches then Fusion Plus is for you.  An additional camera will be set up to capture your ceremony and speeches and these will be delivered as two separate videos in addition to your fusion slideshow.

Our Fusion Slideshow is a great way of capturing some video moments from your wedding to bring your wedding images to life - a cheaper alternative but not a replacement for full professional videography.  If you are looking for full professional videography from your wedding day we are happy to recommend some amazing professional videographers that we have worked with before.