Your Wedding Album

Your Wedding Album is precious to you and we hope it will bring you many years of happiness every time you look at it, It is the only firm object that you have to remember all of your special day. 

To start with you pick your favourite pictures from your online gallery ( we will advise you on the number to pick depending on the size of your album) You then let us know you have made your selection and we access the photos and design the album for you telling the story of your day.

We call this the 'first proof' and send you all the pages as they would look in the album. This process can go backwards and forwards a few times until the pages look exactly as you want them, we advise along the way to make sure you get the best from your selection, only when you are completely satisfied will it go to print by our lab in Italy.

Whilst the above is going on you also pick your cover, what material you would like for the cover, the type of paper for the pages and what wording and fonts you would prefer. You can also add 'parent albums' or any other products we offer at this stage.

Once all the above is done we send off for print, we always hope to have your album delivered within six to eight weeks.

When we receive your album we will contact you to collect from us or arrange delivery . (We much prefer you to collect as we love seeing your reaction when you see your album and want to make sure you are happy with your family heirloom).