Groom Prep

Groom prep photograph by Rachael Pereira Photography

Groom Prep is very similar to Bride Prep only as named it involves the groom and his family/party.

As our packages in the main have two photographers, we can be in two places at the same time.  This is normally done by Ste, who like myself, gets emotionally involved, as well as having a 'crack' with the lads. As with bride prep all the details, emotions etc. are captured but many  times Ste gets to travel to the venue/church with the groom and captures some great shots in the process. Ladies please note if the trip involves the pub Ste keeps off the beer  lol. As with bride prep nobody will be asked to do posed shots unless you request them. 

Groom Prep gives the bride  a chance to see what her man has been up to and also forms a great part of the album.

Please note that groom prep is not always possible due to location or timings but we will always try to make possible if you request it.  For weddings where groom prep is not possible, Ste may meet the groom and his family at the church/ceremony location and capture photos of the groom together with his best man/men, groomsmen and family before the bride arrives.  Tip: if the groom arrives at the ceremony location a little early it allows more time for these photos to be captured without being rushed. 

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