Feeding your Photographer

One of the questions you might be asked by your venue is whether you want to provide a meal for any of your suppliers on your wedding day. Lots of photographers, videographers and even DJ's/ bands will specify in their contract or terms of booking that a hot meal must be provided. What? Some of you may say. You are already paying a fortune for your wedding - why should you pay for food for your suppliers? Why can't they bring their own food? 


Suppliers such as photographers and videographers may be with you all day for your wedding. For some this might be a 8-10 hour working day, not including travelling time to and from your venue.  They will most probably work for 5 or 6 hours straight before the first chance of a break and food during the wedding breakfast, before continuing into the night capturing the rest of your wedding day.  


Your photographer could bring their own food and drink with them, but on a hot day can you imagine what those sandwiches are going to taste like after sitting wrapped up in the hot car for 6 or 7 hours!  They could purchase their own food at the venue if it is available, but sometimes this isn't an option.  We once photographed a wedding at a remote venue at the other side of the country where there was no option for us to purchase food. Luckily we had taken our own sandwiches, crisps and drink.  We were working at the venue from 10am through to 10pm and had planned to buy a proper hot meal on our way back to our hotel when we finished shooting as we were very hungry by that time. Unfortunately everywhere had shut and our meal consisted of another pack of sandwiches and another packet of crisps.  Yes we survived and no it's not the end of the world, but it wasn't great for our energy levels. 


So as one of our couples what should you do? Some of our couples do provide us with a meal at their wedding and others don't. It is not a requirement and we certainly don't have it in our contract. It is your choice. We understand that weddings are expensive and don't want to add further strain on your bank balance.   We will ask you in the Wedding Day Details Questionnaire (sent 6 weeks prior to your wedding), if you will be providing us with a meal so that if not we can be prepared and bring enough food to keep us going throughout the day, or check the location to find a nearby pub/cafe where we can purchase a hot meal. We truly appreciate it if you are able to provide us with a meal, especially for a full day wedding - we prefer to stay at the venue where possible rather than going off site for food.  We are also grateful when offered food from the buffet/hog roast in the evening (Ste loves a good hog roast!).  


Whether you are providing a meal or not, during the wedding breakfast we will take our food break either in the corner of your reception room or a room close by. We prefer to be located close by so that we don't miss anything. We don't take photos whilst people are eating but sometimes there are impromptu speeches, dancing etc that we don't want to miss.  Some couples offer to seat us at the tables with their guests.  Whilst this is a lovely thought (and we are honoured that you want to include us in your wedding breakfast), we prefer to be seated separately as we do also use this time to charge batteries, check our equipment and prepare for the evening photography.   


if you do decide to provide us with a meal (thank you so much x) be sure to ask your venue to seat us either in the corner of your reception room or in an area close by.  Many venues will serve our meal after all the guests have been served. Ideally we would prefer to have ours served earlier, if possible, so that we do get to eat the meal you have kindly provided for us before speeches begin. 


Side note: We both eat anything and have no special dietary requirements!!