All booked in - what next?

Woo hoo! You are all booked in with us and we cannot wait to photograph your wedding. So after the contract has been signed and the booking fee paid...what happens next? 

You will receive an email with a link to access your client portal area of our system. This gives you access to your contract, invoice and any questionnaires that we have sent. You can update your information at any time, so if you change your email address, phone number or home address make sure you let us know in your client portal.    

We will also send you an email with an invite to our brides Facebook group. This is a private group which we hope you will find helpful. We would love you to use the group to ask questions, ask for help, share your planning, or post non wedding things so that we can get to know each other better and our brides can get to know each other and share their wedding journey. 

If you have an engagement shoot as part of your package we will be in touch to arrange a date and location, usually about 3 months before your wedding, but feel free to get in touch with us at any time to chat about your engagement shoot. we are happy for the shoot to take place sooner if you prefer. 

Not long after you are booked in we will send out a Getting to Know You Questionnaire. We hope you have fun filling this in and it's great if you can do it together - maybe make a date night out of it. This is a great way of us getting to know you both better which helps us to provide a more personal service to you - not just a photographer who you don't hear from until they turn up on the day to shoot your wedding. 


Your Wedding Day Timeline

One thing we are often asked about is the timings for the wedding day. This will mainly revolve around your ceremony time which will be set already. The venue will most probably suggest the time for the start of your wedding breakfast, and typically gives us 1 1/2 hours from the end of the ceremony to the start of the wedding breakfast, during which time we will usually capture formal group photos and couple portraits. 

Wedding timings can vary greatly between different weddings but to help you out here is our sample timeline as a starting point:

11.30 Bride Prep

1.00 - Groom Portraits at Ceremony Location

1.30 - Wedding Ceremony

2.15 - Congratulations

2.30 - Family Formals

3.00 - Bride and Groom Portraits

3.30 - Drinks

4.00 Receiving Line

4.30 - Wedding Breakfast

6.00 - Speeches

7.00 - Evening Portraits

7.30 - Evening Guests Arrive

7.50 - Cake Cutting

8.00 - First Dance

8.10 - Guests Dancing

8.30 Photographer Leaves


One thing to remember is that weddings rarely run to time which is why our full day package is a great option to ensure that we are there to capture all the moments from your day, even when things run late. 

Feeding your Photographer

One of the questions you might be asked by your venue is whether you want to provide a meal for any of your suppliers on your wedding day. Lots of photographers, videographers and even DJ's/ bands will specify in their contract or terms of booking that a hot meal must be provided. What? Some of you may say. You are already paying a fortune for your wedding - why should you pay for food for your suppliers? Why can't they bring their own food? 


Suppliers such as photographers and videographers may be with you all day for your wedding. For some this might be a 8-10 hour working day, not including travelling time to and from your venue.  They will most probably work for 5 or 6 hours straight before the first chance of a break and food during the wedding breakfast, before continuing into the night capturing the rest of your wedding day.  


Your photographer could bring their own food and drink with them, but on a hot day can you imagine what those sandwiches are going to taste like after sitting wrapped up in the hot car for 6 or 7 hours!  They could purchase their own food at the venue if it is available, but sometimes this isn't an option.  We once photographed a wedding at a remote venue at the other side of the country where there was no option for us to purchase food. Luckily we had taken our own sandwiches, crisps and drink.  We were working at the venue from 10am through to 10pm and had planned to buy a proper hot meal on our way back to our hotel when we finished shooting as we were very hungry by that time. Unfortunately everywhere had shut and our meal consisted of another pack of sandwiches and another packet of crisps.  Yes we survived and no it's not the end of the world, but it wasn't great for our energy levels. 


So as one of our couples what should you do? Some of our couples do provide us with a meal at their wedding and others don't. It is not a requirement and we certainly don't have it in our contract. It is your choice. We understand that weddings are expensive and don't want to add further strain on your bank balance.   We will ask you in the Wedding Day Details Questionnaire (sent 6 weeks prior to your wedding), if you will be providing us with a meal so that if not we can be prepared and bring enough food to keep us going throughout the day, or check the location to find a nearby pub/cafe where we can purchase a hot meal. We truly appreciate it if you are able to provide us with a meal, especially for a full day wedding - we prefer to stay at the venue where possible rather than going off site for food.  We are also grateful when offered food from the buffet/hog roast in the evening (Ste loves a good hog roast!).  


Whether you are providing a meal or not, during the wedding breakfast we will take our food break either in the corner of your reception room or a room close by. We prefer to be located close by so that we don't miss anything. We don't take photos whilst people are eating but sometimes there are impromptu speeches, dancing etc that we don't want to miss.  Some couples offer to seat us at the tables with their guests.  Whilst this is a lovely thought (and we are honoured that you want to include us in your wedding breakfast), we prefer to be seated separately as we do also use this time to charge batteries, check our equipment and prepare for the evening photography.   


if you do decide to provide us with a meal (thank you so much x) be sure to ask your venue to seat us either in the corner of your reception room or in an area close by.  Many venues will serve our meal after all the guests have been served. Ideally we would prefer to have ours served earlier, if possible, so that we do get to eat the meal you have kindly provided for us before speeches begin. 


Side note: We both eat anything and have no special dietary requirements!!


Bride Prep - What you need to know

Every bride's morning before their wedding is different. Some brides are nervous and stressing, others are chilled out and relaxed. Sometimes things are manic and other times everything is calm. One thing that we always see at bride prep time is the excitement, not just of the bride, but everyone there getting ready. It is so lovely to be able to capture this time with the bride, together with her family and her girls (the bridesmaids).  It is part of the story of the day, and makes a beautiful intro to the wedding album. 

I love this time of the day. I love the excited girly chatter, the flower girl swirling round in her dress, the ooh's and aah's when then flowers arrive, the bride's father doing the crossword, practising his speech or pacing in the hallway while checking his watch. I get goosebumps when I see the bride in her dress, I have even cried!  It is such a special and emotional time and I love being there to photograph it.

Here are a few of the things I might capture during bridal prep:


Details such as wedding dress, shoes, perfume, jewellery, flowers. 

The bride's reaction to opening a gift or reading a letter from her husband to be. 

Hair and make up being done.  

Little details special to the day.  

Drinks, toasts, champagne. 

Yummy food.  

The flower girl all excited to be wearing her pretty dress.  



Bridesmaids receiving a gift from the bride.  

Bride's mother or bridesmaids fastening her dress.  

The bridesmaids seeing the bride in her dress.  

Father of the bride's reaction to seeing his daughter all ready.  

The wedding car arriving. 

The bride looking stunning. 

Group photos.  

That moment of thought before leaving to get married.  

During bride prep I won't be posing you. Stopping what you are doing for a photo, or setting people up for shots, unless you ask me to. I am there just to capture things as they happen.  I want you to look back at your photos and remember how you felt, and for the memories of that time to come flooding back to you. 

Generally for bride prep I will arrive towards the end as most brides prefer the photos to be taken when their hair and make up is already done or almost finished. After introducing myself to everyone I will usually take all the detail shots first so that I don't hold you up getting dressed.  When you get into your dress I will step out of the room to give you privacy, and wait to be called in to take photos of your dress being fastened up and final make up touches. Once you are all ready I might capture a few bride and family portraits depending on time and location. I will usually leave before you so that I can be ready for your arrival at the ceremony.  (If you are getting ready at the venue the registrars may come to your room for your interview.  In this case I have to leave the room whilst you are interviewed, but I will usually wait until you leave the room to walk to the ceremony, and will walk with you).

The time before the ceremony can be manic and fly by very quickly - here are a few tips for this time of your day:

Make time for something to eat and drink (not too much alcohol)   it may be a while before the wedding breakfast.

Put your jewellery, shoes, perfume etc in one place (or ask one of your bridesmaids to do it) so that when I come to detail photos I don't have to trouble you to find out where each item is.  

Go to the bathroom before putting your dress on. (If your dress has a train, use the toilet facing forward.  It may seem weird but is much easier than scrunching up your dress behind you, or dropping it in the toilet!)

 Remember that your dress will probably take longer to fasten up than it did in the shop so allow extra time so you are not rushing. 

If you need a hook to fasten your dress make sure it is kept handy.  

Dont forget your perfume.  

Dont forget to take all the stickers and labels off clothing, jewellery shoes etc. it is much easier to do before the wedding than trying to do it on the day with manicured nails! 

If bouquets are delivered in water allow time to dry the stems so they don't drip onto your dress.  

If you are leaving from home, make sure someone is in charge of locking up and looking after the keys. 


What about groom prep? Click here to read about photos of your groom and his men getting ready.  


Groom Prep

Groom prep photograph by Rachael Pereira Photography

Groom Prep is very similar to Bride Prep only as named it involves the groom and his family/party.

As our packages in the main have two photographers, we can be in two places at the same time.  This is normally done by Ste, who like myself, gets emotionally involved, as well as having a 'crack' with the lads. As with bride prep all the details, emotions etc. are captured but many  times Ste gets to travel to the venue/church with the groom and captures some great shots in the process. Ladies please note if the trip involves the pub Ste keeps off the beer  lol. As with bride prep nobody will be asked to do posed shots unless you request them. 

Groom Prep gives the bride  a chance to see what her man has been up to and also forms a great part of the album.

Please note that groom prep is not always possible due to location or timings but we will always try to make possible if you request it.  For weddings where groom prep is not possible, Ste may meet the groom and his family at the church/ceremony location and capture photos of the groom together with his best man/men, groomsmen and family before the bride arrives.  Tip: if the groom arrives at the ceremony location a little early it allows more time for these photos to be captured without being rushed. 

Click here to read all about photography for the girls getting ready in bride prep.

Preparing for your Family Formals

Although our style is very much natural, relaxed and all about capturing the day as it happens, we understand that most couples like to include a traditional element to their photography with a few family formal portraits.  We are happy to capture these for you, and include on your Wedding Timing Questionnaire, a list of suggested group shots together with a space for you to request your own. We always recommend that you keep this list to a maximum of 8 photos if possible.  We do include in our list an "everybody" shot of all your guests which may be possible, depending on the location, weather, time, and availability of all your guests.  

Group photos can take up a lot of time, especially if guests go wandering off and we cannot locate them.  Remember that you will be in all these photos and could be standing in one spot posing for the camera for a length of time. By keeping the formals to a minimum you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying your day chatting with your family and friends. During this time we can still capture less formal group photos and candid shots of you and your guests, creating true memories of your day. 

 If you have chosen full day photography and your timings allow, we can take other group photos in the evening, after your wedding breakfast and before first dance. These group photos are usually more relaxed and fun, which works well especially for bridal party photos. 

So to prepare for your formal photos have a think about which family shots are important to you. Make sure you tell us on your Wedding Timing Questionnaire about these shots.  Ask a couple of your groomsmen/bridesmaids to help out with gathering guests for the group shots and prepare them on their role before the wedding day.  This helps us to gather guests more quickly for the photos, as they will know who is who more than we will. 

Be sure to tell us on your Wedding Timing Questionnaire of any family situations such as divorce, step parents etc to ensure that we do not make anyone feel uncomfortable during the formal photos. For example, if you tick the bride with parents option, but the brides parents are divorced and with new partners, it is helpful if you can give us more detail. Do you want just a photo with the bride's mum and dad? Do you want a separate photo with the bride's dad and partner, and then the bride's mum and partner? Do both parents get along? The more information we have, the more smoothly we can run through the group photos, and without upsetting or offending anyone in the process. 

One final tip.   We always want all the guests in the group to be looking at our camera for the photo.  We will direct them to do so, but often other guests step in to take photos at the same time, getting the guests to look at them. Let your guests know to either stand behind me so all those in the group photo are looking in the same direction, or encourage them to take their own group photos separately - something unique and different that they can share with you after your wedding. 


What is Fusion ?

Guests candid photos at a wedding

We find that many couples have never heard of 'Fusion Photography'. 

What this entails is a mixture of still photos mixed with short video clips, taken throughout the day, and fused together to make a short slide show set to music. We find that the video clips bring the stills to life and provides a lovey addition to just still photography. We do have examples of fusion so please ask to see them if it is something you may be considering and haven't seen before

We do not profess to being videographers and do not take continuous video of your day, so please keep this in mind when you are making your preparations, but our cameras do provide very high quality video comparable to a videographer.

After your Wedding

So, your Wedding is over and the day is a complete blur to you, you hardly remember a thing about it. Not to worry as we have captured it all for you to re live over and over again, and to share with your friends and family.

Within a week of your wedding we will have a ''sneak peek'' on Facebook, many couples get to see this whilst on honeymoon.This is hopefully a unique shot only taken by us and will be completely different from any you have already seen taken by your friends and family.

The next step is for you to receive a link to your online gallery, this will be within four weeks of your wedding. The gallery is password protected so you have full control of who can see and download the pictures. All the pictures are full size images and you have permission to print these should you desire. If you prefer us to do the printing for you by our professional lab, there is the option to do this on the site which also displays the cost of the prints ( this is  a special price  offered to our wedding clients)

Eight weeks after your wedding you will receive your USB stick with all your images from your wedding and if applicable, your engagement shoot, once again these are all full size images. We feel that a USB is much better than a disc as it can be plugged directly into any PC or most televisions, and is much handier to carry round with you.

All these timelines are a maximum date and we always try to deliver products at an earlier date as we know you are keen to see them asap, the time scale is normally determined by how busy we are shooting other couple's special day. 

Finally, if your package has include an album, click here to read about the process.


Your Wedding Album

Your Wedding Album is precious to you and we hope it will bring you many years of happiness every time you look at it, It is the only firm object that you have to remember all of your special day. 

To start with you pick your favourite pictures from your online gallery ( we will advise you on the number to pick depending on the size of your album) You then let us know you have made your selection and we access the photos and design the album for you telling the story of your day.

We call this the 'first proof' and send you all the pages as they would look in the album. This process can go backwards and forwards a few times until the pages look exactly as you want them, we advise along the way to make sure you get the best from your selection, only when you are completely satisfied will it go to print by our lab in Italy.

Whilst the above is going on you also pick your cover, what material you would like for the cover, the type of paper for the pages and what wording and fonts you would prefer. You can also add 'parent albums' or any other products we offer at this stage.

Once all the above is done we send off for print, we always hope to have your album delivered within six to eight weeks.

When we receive your album we will contact you to collect from us or arrange delivery . (We much prefer you to collect as we love seeing your reaction when you see your album and want to make sure you are happy with your family heirloom).